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Place: USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Afghanistan
Colour variants: Brown, Black, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Colourless
Hardness: 7–7.5
Birthstone of: Virgo
Brief history and geological characteristics:

Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colours. The name comes from the Sinhalese word turmali that has been used to name many stones coming from Sri Lanka. One of Tourmaline's most distinguishing qualities is its ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing. When charged, one end becomes positive and the other negative, allowing it to attract particles of dust or bits of paper. This ability of pyro electricity (from heat) or piezoelectricity (from pressure or rubbing) was well-known to Dutch traders of the 1700s who used Tourmaline to pull ash from their Meerschaum pipes, calling the stone “Aschentrekker”, meaning ash puller.

Spiritual and healing energy:

A favourite variety among Tourmalines is known as Watermelon Tourmaline, named for its pink centre surrounded by an outer green rind. This combination is considered a super activator of the heart chakra. While pink Tourmaline is associated with emotions, green Tourmaline is beneficial for physical being. Together they link to the higher self, and are believed to bring true joy to one’s life and relationships. The pink Tourmaline harmonises women’s energy, whereas the green one harmonises the men’s energy.

Jewellery with Tourmaline


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