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Place: Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan
Colour variants: Pink, Peachy
Hardness: 7.5–8
Birthstone of: Libra
Brief history and geological characteristics:

Morganite is a pink to purplish-pink variety of gemstones from the Beryl family (same as Emerald, for example). Therefore it is sometimes referred to as “Pink Beryl”. Morganite was first identified in 1910, and was named the following year by George F. Kunz, chief gemmologist at Tiffany and co., in honour of the financier and banker J. P. Morgan who was not only a businessman but also an avid collector of gemstones. Morganite has been adopted as a professional stone of lawyers for ensuring fairness. It is a great stone for new businesses to gain a foothold in the market, and it is a perfect talisman to be taken to meetings with bank managers and accountants to receive fair treatment.

Spiritual and healing energy:

Beryl in general is a stone that teaches us to do and go only for what we really desire from the depth of our souls. Morganite, the pink version of Beryl, is especially associated with this aspect on the emotional level. It provides us with ability to show our emotions and love to our partners. It helps us to create a space to truly enjoy our lives as we wish. Morganite can also signalise moments in our lives when we tend to use the “emergency exit” and also the moments when our ego is running over us and prevents us from development. On the othe hand, Morganite helps to show the hidden needs of our souls. It could be supportive to those who tend to see themselves as a victim. Morganite keeps our emotional part of soul in balance.


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