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We work only with natural stones, none of our jewellery is made of chemical artificial stones, which you may see often in jewellery stores nowadays. Therefore every piece of Salome jewellery is original, as the stones are never completely the same. Our stones are carefully chosen to be the best quality and to fit perfectly into the every jewellery piece. Their natural origin makes them highly vibrant and magnetically attractive.

Our Values and Principles 

All our jewellery has been designed exclusively for the Salome jewellery brand and you could not buy it anywhere else. We put all our efforts and skills into creating jewellery that mirrors our values: quality, authenticity, warmth, feminine energy and luxury. We want to make sure you get real originals from Salome. Therefore there is only twenty pieces of each design available. After creating and selling the twentieth piece, we stop offering the design. Considering the natural character of the stones and the handicraft origin, even each of these twenty pieces is distinguishable as original as it may differ in minimalistic details from the others of the same design.


We believe in the power of the handicraft. All our jewellery is made while using the traditional goldsmith techniques, every piece is created in hand by our skilled designer and goldsmith Jarmila or her colleagues, no pieces are casted (not even the components except clips for the earrings). In every piece of our jewelly you can feel the warmth of Jarmila's fingertips and you can trace her work in every single detail. It is fascinating to touch every piece of art she makes as you can feel the value of her special skills very strongly.



For creation of Salome Jewellery we use only quality materials in all shades of gold: white, yellow, red and pink gold of 14 or 18 carats, or platinum. For white gold jewellery pieces we use only rhodium free metal which provides the metal with warm characteristics.


Each piece of Salome jewellery is recognizeble by three hallmarks:

1. Each piece of Salome Jewellery is checked by the Czech Assay Office. All 14C gold jewellery piece is marked with number 585, all 18C gold jewellery with number 750. You can find all official Czech hallmarks here.

2. Hallmark of our designer and goldmith Jarmila: 

Punc JC

3. Hallmark of Salome Jewellery: 

Punc Salome




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