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Gabriela A. Jirásková
founder and director

"I have always been fascinated with precious as well as ordinary stones. Different colours, sizes, temperatures and brushes etc. The fact, that those beautiful things are not artificial but natural never cease to amaze me. Stones have been guiding us silently and patiently through our lives, for years and years, providing us with their beauty and wisdom. Birthstones, stones from the vacation at the beach in your cupboard, engagement rings with gemstones, houses built with stones, tombstones… those are milestones of our lives. That is why I feel so special about them and usually carry one or two of them in pocket just in case one of my friends or I would need to enjoy the pleasure and happiness they can provide during the day. There are those who might think this is 'crazy' but after a few moments spent with the stone, they start to understand that stones can only bring another positive dimension to your life.

 I would also look-out for beautiful feminine jewellery with precious or semi precious stones. I was fascinated with Jarmila’s work and skills when I saw some of her pieces for the first time and wished for the whole world to enjoy this special combination in my beloved stones, high-quality, hand-crafted and original design.  Salome Jewellery came to the world with the intention of making our clients  happy, beautiful and shining. We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy creating it. 


Jarmila C. Nedvídková
designer and head goldsmith

"Creating things with your own hands is always a great experience. Just like Grandmother’s knitted baby dolls, crochet, needlework, houses from moss, pictures made with pressed flowers… all these have been missed in later periods of my life. During my university studies I even felt sorry for the lack of work that my hands had done, the fact that I had simply been sitting and listening for so long. Fortunately for myself, immediately after finishing my degree, my doctor announced, that I faced a high risk of loosing my hearing. This piece of information was a sign for me to stop postponing, not think too much and pursue my happiness. So I learnt a handy craft quickly.

Starting from zero is always an interesting process, holding some of the tools in hand for the first time, learning how to see things differently, drawing and creating the producing techniques. From my perspective, practice is key and one of the most important factors. The more experience in hand the more happiness present in the whole process and in the final pieces of jewellery. 

I am a mother and it goes without saying that I also love to observe my small daughters and nieces growing-up through their own creative processes".




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