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About Salome


 Why we brought Salome to life?

Salome was a Middle Eastern princess whose name comes from the Hebrew word 'shalom', meaning 'peace'. However, princess Salome has been known in the mythology for a rat King Herod Antipas, her stepfather, asked Salome to dance for him at a banquet. Salome was so beautiful and charming, that he made a solemn oath in front of all his guests to give her whatever she desired for such a dance. Young Salome did not know what to wish for, so prompted by her mother, she asked for the head of St. John the Baptist. And she got it.

Before you condemn princess Salome as a cruel and negative figure, try to think about it from a different point of view. What does the story say about Salome and her character? For us Salome in this story represents the variety in the world as she cannot be described as black or white, she is full of shades of grey. 

At one moment, she is so charming, shining, beautiful and brings so much power into her dancing that she is promised to get anything she wishes for in the world. A few moments later, she shows a cruel face and wishes the head of her mother’s enemy. As the Czech singer Karel Kryl put it in his song called Salome, "she is gentle and cruel, flame and dawn, evil and lamb, sugar and salt".

We believe that every woman on this planet, whatever she does or wherever she comes from, holds that positive part of Salome’s vivid energy in herself. Every woman can show her 'dance' to the world and receive anything she wishes for. This essential feminine power is very strong, nourishing and simply irresistible. Our jewellery is created with intention to help women to discover and feel this great aspect in themselves, to cultivate it and to deal with it in a better way than princess Salome did.


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